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You’re getting your small business off the ground? Congratulations!  Is hiring a great team, running the day-to-day, and balancing the books taking their toll?

Does just thinking about marketing, a new or refreshed website, or social media, make your head spin? I can help.


Is your website delivering results? Is it time for a refresh? Are you optimizing your social media footprint? Want more than an occasional Facebook post for your company? Want to create a campaign with various components? Ideal for small businesses, I can create and coordinate content to hit on multiple platforms at once that provide a consistent message aimed at your clients.



Need a testimonial video? Or how about introducing your staff members on your website via video? Training videos? Instagram stories? Commercials with just the right voice? Whether it’s an industrial or training video, a radio/TV spot, or a video intro bumper, I can provide everything from simple cell phone videos to producing a full promo, intro or training video. Looking to start your own podcast? I  can help with that as well.


It has been said that everyone has a book inside them waiting to get out. Maybe it’s a blog? Yet, you’re a busy executive with a company to run. Or a pastor with a church full of followers who need you. Or a retiree who doesn’t know much about writing. From ad copy to an autobiography, that’s where I can help.

Website Redesign

Hi I’m Rich Ronald. Richly Speaking is my Integrated Marketing and Communications Solutions company. I’m a former corporate marketing executive and pastor. I’ve written hundreds of blog posts and more than quite a few sermons. I’ve developed marketing plans for products in the biomedical technologies space. And ministry plans for multi-site churches.

Are you so swamped with getting your business or ministry back on track that you don’t know how to capitalize on the moment? Are you optimizing your social media footprint with video? Want more than an occasional Facebook post for your company? Need a voiceover for a video or book? Or how about that book or guest column you’ve always wanted to write? I do websites with hosting and social media for small businesses. With a background in broadcasting, corporate marketing, and ministry, I can help you bring your website, writing, digital marketing or social media needs to life.

I’m a teacher, writer, public speaker, marathon runner, and encourager. I also write a regular blog, designed to encourage readers, via a variety of life experiences and Biblical texts. You can read or subscribe to it here.

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