Praying Through The Psalms.

Good News! The RichlySpeaking Podcast launches on August 30th.

If you’ve enjoyed the blog at, you will likely discover a similar place of rest for your soul, finding inspiration, encouragement, and observation through the lens of Scripture.

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For the next several months we’re going to read through and pray through the book of Psalms together. There are 150 Psalms, which I’ve broken up into 180 separate readings — one for each day of the typical school year. Now, we know the ’20-’21 school year is going to look quite different than most. So, perhaps you are suddenly a homeschooling family, or you’re going to need to find a routine or rhythm this year, I’ll be here with five new episodes each week, beginning August 30th, so feel free to tune in daily. Maybe you can join me for a quiet start to the day, or a lunch break pause, or at bedtime… And we can be encouraged together, as we read through and pray through the Bible’s beautiful book of poetry, hymns, and personal journal entries by at least eight different authors. Each day, I’ll read the Psalm, or portion of the psalm, then pray through it.

Be sure to like, forward and subscribe so you don’t miss an episode. One of the reasons I love finding inspiration from the Bible every day is found in the Gospel of John. In Chapter 20, verse 31, he writes “these things are written, the Bible is written, so that you might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the son of the Living God and that believing you may find life in His name.” May you find life in Jesus’ name today. God bless you.

Five new episodes will be released each Sunday, beginning August 30, and continuing to May of 2021. I look forward to hearing how God blesses the reading and praying of His Word together.

Thanks for joining me.

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