Act like Jesus?

What does it mean to “Act” like Jesus?

Do you like to act?  When I was growing up, my middle name was “Ham.”  I have always loved to get in front of a camera or get up on stage and pretend to be someone. 

What child doesn’t like dress up?  We were in a home last week and their 8 year old has this wall of bins in his bedroom that are organized around costumes.

I’ve studied acting and, in fact, for the past several years I teach drama on my day off.   Each semester there are about 15 elementary students and 30 junior and senior high school students that are learning how to act.  We play games like tic-tac-toe stage direction with the younger kids and improv and mime with the older ones.  We put on stage plays and musicals.

At its core, I believe drama is about being creative. And in the drama classes I teach, we celebrate that God is the Creator and creativity is His gift. 

So, when we are encouraged to “act” like Jesus, is it merely a show?  Is it merely pretending? I hope not…

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