It starts with a clear vision to be more like Jesus.

Have you been to the optometrist lately?  You know that vision test they do… “How is this?  Better or worse?  Fuzzy or clear?” 

Do you have a clear vision or life target?  This isn’t just a question for college students, this is a question for everyone.  What is your vision?  Or, taking a cue from the questioner in a job interview, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

For some this is an easy question to answer.  For others it might be a real challenge.  I’d like to think I’m a man of vision, but I must share with you that, today, I am no where where I thought I’d be five years ago.  God allowed circumstances in my life to reshape my vision to be more what He wanted for me.  And that’s a very good thing.  

We’ve been saying that we want to “be more like Jesus.”  That’s also a very good thing.  But what does that mean?  How do you plan to get from where you are today to that state of being more like Jesus tomorrow?  Does it mean paying closer attention to various spiritual disciplines like prayer?    Does it mean a major life change or a career altering decision?  Does it mean simply extending a loving, grace-filled hand to someone who needs it?

I believe, at its core, “being more like Jesus” comes down to loving your neighbor. 

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