It has been said that everyone has a book inside them waiting to get out. Maybe it’s a blog? Yet, you’re a busy executive with a company to run. Or a pastor with a church full of followers who need you. Or a retiree who doesn’t know much about writing. That’s where I can help.

The ghostwriting process is exciting! Born with great curiosity, I will ask you a lot of questions. Whether it is a single book, a series of books, a guest column, or a regular blog, we will outline your objective and target audience together. I will collect stories from your friends, family, colleagues, clients, or associates. As you share with me, I’ll write them in your voice and fill in with transitional elements to make a continuous flow from beginning to end. Depending on the project, an article takes a week, a chapter is finished in two. I can coordinate artwork, copy editing, and publishing, too. Typically, it will take less than a year to finish a standard 10-14 chapter book.

Copywriting conveys a specific call to action. Succinct word choices are prioritized. I can help with advertising, web page content, brochure development, or social media posts.

Here’s a link to two devotional books I’ve authored: Amazon

Contact me for more information on turning your ideas into written copy.